March 1, 2021

3 Tips on Completing IRCC Application Forms!

  1. Read the instructions carefully before you fill out the forms.

As a rule of thumb, always read the accompanying instructions first before you fill out any IRCC application form. Pay attention to what information is required and unless otherwise stated on the accompanying instructions, do not leave any question blank!

  1. Leave no gaps in your employment/personal history.

If there is a gap in your employment/personal history, your application may be returned to you as incomplete. 

It shouldn’t strike you as a surprise that once you submit an application to IRCC, all of your personal information is retained and that immigration officers are trained to detect discrepancies and inconsistencies. This is potentially troublesome if you have applied to IRCC in the past and the information contained in your previous application does not match your current one. As such, do not leave any gaps in your employment/personal history when completing IRCC application forms and it is recommended that you always save a copy for reference.

  1. Check, double-check, and check again.

Once you are done completing IRCC application forms, the best practice is to check, double-check, and check again! Check the spelling of your name, dates, and any other information contained in your forms to ensure that they are accurate and complete.